Welcome everyone, my name is Lindi. Originally from South Africa, but living in Singapore for the past 8 years I try to use the different cooking styles, flavours and colours that I have experienced through travels and life experience.

Food is an interesting topic because let’s face it, everyone eats and everyone loves food. I started this blog because I cook every night, but I never made note of what I cooked which means that the efforts and recipes were lost, and to avoid that I thought it would be a good idea to blog it, that way I will be able to keep an online cook book for myself and I will be able to cook it again. I try very hard to cook something different everyday, off course there are a lot of repeats, but I love the challenge of playing with new ingredients, tasting new flavours and making it look pretty.

My husband has taken a lot of the photos for my blog but I have since learned the ropes of the camera and I now take my own photos. When he travels I take it as my opportunity to cook as I can do it at my own pace and cook what I want. I find it quite relaxing. Glass of wine while cooking, play some tunes. Perfect!

So without further a-due, I hope that you enjoy my blog entries and maybe there is something that other food bloggers can learn from me, I know I learn a lot from others. Thank you for your support and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hey its me Dev. i was blown away by your archives. i’m stil awe struck that everything here is from you. i’ll chat with you soon. hopefully. your had to catch in our time zones 😛

  2. Hey Linda it’s James from koc, just wanted to let you know this food looks amazing. Keep in touch, e-mail me sometime.

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